Project Case Study

The Southern Mine Area (SMA) is located at the perimeter of the Olympic Dam underground
mine site and has no previous infrastructure installations.
The compressed air and saline is currently delivered to the SMA is over a long distance from the Northern Mining Area (NMA), and is inadequate for concurrent operation of underground equipment.

Two new Compressed Air and Saline Water reticulation systems will be required to service the SMA B2/3 and H2 mining blocks. The new Compressed Air and Saline Water systems will be fed from surface reticulation and will be capable of supplying adequate flow rates and pressures to each of the mining levels.

Works consisted of the following

  • Fabrication of pressure reducing skids and distribution skids
  • Installation of FRP Dropper plate and plug from the surface to underground
  • Fabricate and install individual level cuddy pipe work, supports and required valves/instrumentation
  • Site run and install cuddy E&I cable
  • Commission system including supply and complete documentation handover of all relevant ITPs, ITR’s and MDR’s